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Florenteen Fantasia – One Sweet China Pattern

One of the sweetest vintage china patterns we find in our travels is Fantasia by Florenteen.

This dinnerware was made in Japan and is typical of 1960s patterns and products. Especially look at the swoop shapes of pieces such as the creamer, sugar bowl and gravy boat.

This china features dainty sprays of flowers in soft rose pink and blue, on a white background, and platinum rims.

Use this vintage dinnerware in your contemporary table setting when you want to have a charming, cottage table setting. Or for a special tea party with a group of intimate friends.

Fantasia will mix well with many patterns that are floral on white, especially those with smooth shapes.

About the photo: Fruit or dessert bowl in the Fantasia pattern, shown with a serving of Dark Chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream, topped with a sprig of fresh mint.

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12 comments to Florenteen Fantasia – One Sweet China Pattern

  • Amanda

    I just stumbled on this when I as trying to find matching pieces to a different item. I have dinner plates in this pattern! I have another pattern with pink roses that I mixed them with. Very pretty.

  • Kimbesa

    Rose china patterns are very popular and a great theme to use for mix and match table setting.

    I’ll bet yours is lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Suzi Knight

    My Grandmother bought the entire set for my Mother using S&H green stamps, I now use it for the holidays….I could have had her lennox autumn pattern, but I loved this one!

  • Brenda

    how much would a whole set of Florenteen Fantasia(the soft pink and blue roses)set be worth. They are in excellent shape. These will be put in an estate sell and I want to make sure the family gets what they”re worth the family could use the money they also have extra pieces to the set.

    • kimbesa

      Hello Brenda!
      You can get an idea of the market for particular patterns of vintage dinnerware by checking the Replacements dot com site, eBay or Etsy.
      You will see what the offers are for sale, though in the end, the china is worth what someone will pay for it.
      Florentine Fantasia is a charming pattern, perfect for tea parties, cottage style table settings.
      If the condition is perfect, and there are a large number of pieces, this will tempt the right buyer.
      I hope all goes well with the estate sale!

  • Janine Wheeler

    I found some dinner plates at an estate sale and continue to add to my collection by shopping thrift shops. I noticed that there are different markings on some of the pieces. Do you know what the difference is? Are some original and some replacements? The estate sale pieces have a pink heart .

    • kimbesa

      Hello Janine,

      I think you are right, some are original and some are replacements. It’s hard for me to say which I think is original without seeing the marks, but I have seen replacement dinnerware (and glassware) in various places over the years.

      It’s also possible that the original manufacturer reissued a discontinued pattern. Fiesta is a well-known example. Homer Laughlin brought it back due to customer demand. In that kind of situation, the marks may not tell the story.

      If the pieces are in good condition, and go with your existing set, then you win, in any case!

  • Jackie Atkins

    I have a huge number of pieces of Fantasia that the man gave to me when we bought our house. It has everything from salt and peppers gravy boats tons of platters plates two different size saucers cups you name it its got it. I would love to sell it but don’t know where to begin

    • kimbesa

      Hello Jackie!

      There are a number of options to sell a big set of dinnerware, each with its pluses and minuses. One way would be to find a local consignment avenue. You will pay a percentage to the seller, but the set would be out of your hands.

      If you can sell directly to an end user (such as through Craig’s List or eBay) you can also make money, but you will work for it.

      Fantasia is a charming vintage pattern. I hope you succeed!

    • RoseMiller

      Hi Jackie! My name is Rose. Are you wanting to sell some of your Fantasia dinnerware? I have an incomplete set and would like to add dinner plates and teacups and saucers and some other pieces.
      Would love to hear from you! Thanks!

  • Judy

    I was given a whole complete set of fantasia. Included in the set is a coffee pot with the original box. Was this something special? Until now I have never seen China with a coffee pot. Would you have any idea what year this pattern was made. My set belonged to a 90+ year old was supposed to be her wedding China.

    • kimbesa

      Hello Judy!

      Fantasia is a charming pattern! I estimate it dates from the mid-50s to mid-60s, based on the shape and material.

      Many china patterns have coffee pots and tea pots that match. I depends on several factors, including what beverages were popular to serve when the pattern was created.

      I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this sweet dinnerware!

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