Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo – Dinnerware That Is

Fiesta mug Dancing Carafes

Fiesta by Homer Laughlin: What better dinnerware can you bring out to use for your Cinco de Mayo party? Or any party, for that matter.

Fiesta means party in Spanish.

Introduced in 1936, this dinnerware is a perennial favorite, with many fans and collectors. It was grandma's china, or even great grandma's china.

When it first came into the marketplace, it was very modern, with an Art Deco sensibility in shape and glazed in solid colors. This was a big departure from the frilly Edwardian and Victorian era wares that were prevalent before that time.

Fiesta was always affordable, and sold open stock, which means people could purchase the dinnerware piece by piece instead of in predetermined sets.

This china was discontinued in the 1970s, and reintroduced in 1985 due its lasting popularity.

Fiesta is still in production today, in different colors than the older pieces. If you are interested in collecting the vintage wares, be sure and educate yourself about the colors and shapes as they changed over the years.

If you are buying to use, mix and match away, and let Fiesta become your everyday eye candy, bold and bright on your table top.

The beginnings of your own colorful collection are as close as the nearest department store, country auction or estate sale. Millions of pieces of this dinnerware were made. There is no reason that you cannot have your own fiesta with Fiesta, any day of the year.

Fiesta creamer sugar apricot

About the dishes: Fiesta mug, Dancing Carafes, is unusual because it has a pattern. The colors recall some of the earlier glaze colors. Creamer and sugar from the contemporary Fiesta era, in apricot.

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