Earth Day – Vintage is Green

I'm glad to see Earth Day expanded to Earth Week. It got me thinking about vintage dishes, and why vintage is green.

Vintage is recycled by nature. It’s been discontinued by the manufacturer. Most pieces some from the secondary market and were previously owned. Dishes with a history. They’ve been around once and are ready to go around again in a new home…yours!

Vintage has already been made. All the inputs (clay, glaze, electricity to heat the kiln, etc.) have been used. Vintage may have age, but it also has enduring quality.
Vintage still has useful life. No need to get new dinnerware when vintage pieces can serve as well. We can make the most of them by continuing to use them.

Vintage reminds us of nature. Many vintage patterns are based on nature themes, such as flowers, leaves, trees, birds and other motifs drawn from the natural world. These patterns remind us to seek harmony with nature.

Vintage holds good personal memories. We get many comments from shoppers and buyers about the dinnerware they used as a child when they ate at grandma’s house, or the china that came from mom’s estate. Vintage makes us happy when we use them and remember special people, the past, or simpler times.

With vintage, it's easy being Green...

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