Depression Glass, Classic Style

This past weekend, the local Depression glass society had its spring show. Always a treat to see this beautiful glass, and the society members make it enjoyable. They run a table where you can get help with identifying your own glass (included in the cost of admission).

They identified ruffled blue berry bowl in the “Fancy” or “Diamond Arches” pattern by Hazel Atlas for me.

I’m old enough to remember Depression glass from my grandmother’s and great aunt’s collections. Charming patterns like Cameo or Sharon in pink, Parrot in green, or blue Aunt Polly.

I remember going to the flea market at Shipshewana, Indiana in the 1980s, seeking and finding treasures.

At the show this weekend, I was glad to see a competition for setting a table with a mix of vintage and new elements. My favorite, featuring Manhattan glassware, didn’t win, but I loved its sleek, modern look.

The contestant combined Manhattan clear dishes with new flatware made by Retroneu, set off by a colorful flower arrangement. A bright and shiny, festive table setting if ever there was one! Note the spark of deep color from the arrangement, reflected in the shiny flatware.

I’ve been following the trend to use an eclectic mix of dishes and tableware, vs. matching everything, and it makes so much sense to me. There are so many ways to be creative with color and texture by mixing different china, glassware, flatware and other elements on a table. Even items not intended as tableware, such as garden ornaments , planters and figurines, can be added to the decor to fit a theme or color scheme.

Complementary colors in glassware especially can go with your china or pottery dinnerware. For example, yellow or red glass tumblers, cups or plates bring out the charm in your blue and white china. Smooth glass can complement textured dinnerware, and the possibilities are endless.

Inspiring to see all this beautiful glass…..

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