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Corning Ware Daisies, Vintage Centura 1960s

Springhill is the pattern name. This vintage dinnerware from Corning is decorated with charming daisies: white-on-white daisies, yellow centered, in turn adorned with green ribbons.

Centura is the brand name of the dinnerware made by Corning, before it turned to Corelle. The substance is called “pyroceram,” which started life as a material to use for the nose cones of space capsules. This material has its origins in two worlds, glass and ceramics, a natural choice to use for tableware.

In my view, Centura is one of those sleeper collectibles. People love it and use it, because it’s durable, sleek and charming. The plates are generous, there are three different-sized bowls for each place setting, and the shapes are clean with a mid-century flare.

The platinum-rimmed patterns like Springhill aren’t quite as versatile, because they can’t go in the microwave. But not everyone uses their dinnerware for quick, heat and eat suppers. Centura is sweet enough to go on a holiday table, too, especially if you’ve got a modern home and table setting. It can mix and match with many other 1960s-era wares and vintage china as well.

Centura creamer and sugar, Springhill

Centura creamer and sugar, Springhill

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1 comment to Corning Ware Daisies, Vintage Centura 1960s

  • Margaret

    Right. I love the stuff, which I’ve had for forty years, and have replaced for the few pieces which broke. Corelle doesn’t match it, and neither do some newer offerings of many products of many companies. I’m probably just an old fogy.

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