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Classic Laura Ashley Dinnerware | Petite Fleur

English dinnerware Laura Ashley

Not long ago, I found 12 cups and saucers of Laura Ashley china, in the Petite Fleur Blue pattern. That dinnerware now has gone to appreciative new homes in Germany.

One of the new owners, Kim R. was so happy she sent me a photo, to show how the new cups and saucers are fitting in with the rest of her china. This dinnerware had been her wedding china in the 1970s.

Stories like this make me feel good! I know how much meaning can be attached to certain sets of dinnerware. We use it every day, and it becomes an old friend.

Even if some of the pieces are damaged or broken over the years, replacing your favorite dinnerware can help bring those happy times forward, as the china is brought out and used, again and again, for everyday dinners, afternoon tea, birthday parties, and other special events.

Petite Fleur in pink Laura Ashley

Laura Ashleydesigns have charisma, born from roots in her love of quilting, which she learned as a child with her grandmother in Wales. Ashley worked for the Women’s Institute in England (think the movie Calendar Girls). Her work was also inspired by traditional handicrafts in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. She started her company with her husband, and the company’s textiles and housewares have always been popular.

Petite Fleur shows the influence of Ashley’s love of needlework. The small flowers, ribbon and rope motifs in the Petite Fleur pattern look like delicate embroidery or counted cross stitch that you might find on some beautiful linen napkins, or even a tablecloth, hand stitched with love.

The Petite Fleur pattern dates from the late 1970s, discontinued in the 1980s. It was made by Johnson Brothers in England, in both blue and burgundy/pink versions. The blue was made for about seven years, but the pink was only produced for about five years. The background for each version is a taupy pink. This china lends itself to mix and match table setting, and goes well with many other ironstone china dinnerware patterns glazed in warm colors.

The Petite Fleur Blue china in the photo looks really nice with those warm pink tulips, too!

The pattern also included the standard piece types, like plates and bowls, as well as serving pieces like teapots, butter dishes, salt and pepper sets, gravy boats and even egg holders, which you’ll see in the larger photo.

What a sweet dinnerware set, and thanks again to Kim for sending this beautiful photo and giving permission to share it!

Upper photo by Kim Roehreke, used with permission. Petite Fleur Blue dinnerware by Laura Ashley, made in England. Petite Fleur inset and second photo by the author, Petite Fleur Pink.


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11 comments to Classic Laura Ashley Dinnerware | Petite Fleur

  • Karen

    I have some Laura Ashley dishes in the Petite Fleur pattern in pink. However, would you believe it is a different pattern to the one you show! How is that possible? Was there more than one Petite Fleur pattern?

    • Paula

      I have the laura Ashley pink petit fleur plates . I’m looking for 8 salad plates. Please let me know if you know where I can get some

      • kimbesa

        Hello Paula!
        You can try Replacements [dot] com or eBay to see if you can find them. I’ve sold them in the past on the latter. In other venues, I have found them, but rarely.
        Happy dish hunting!

  • Kimbesa

    Hello Karen!

    It’s not unheard of for a dinnerware maker to reuse a pattern name. Then you end up with an “older” and “newer” version of that name. They may or may not look anything like each other.

    In this case, perhaps Laura Ashley licensed another design to a different maker (the dishes in this post were by Johnson Brothers), and there could be two patterns with the same name that way.

    Laura Ashley certainly designed many charming things, and I’ll bet your dinnerware is lovely, too!

  • laura dillard

    I have a 12 place setting of the navy petite fleur and wanted to sell it how do I found out the value ??
    Many Thanks, Laura

  • Kimbesa

    Hello Laura,
    You can check completed listings on eBay, and on Replacements, to get some general ideas.
    That is a pretty color in this charming pattern!

  • Michele

    I have the blue petite fleur that I received for shower and wedding gifts thirty years ago! I love them and would like to find some replacement pieces.

  • Kimbesa

    Hello Michele!

    You could check the Replacements website, or put up a Want It Now on eBay. (Sorry, I’m not set up to connect different commenters with each other… perhaps in the future…)

  • Michele

    Thanks Kimbesa! I will look into it…

  • kris van asch

    hello, I am from Belgium. I got the blue version of the petite fleur and I am looking for 6 bread and butter plates. The teapot is also broken. Can anybody help me?

    • kimbesa

      The best I can suggest is a site called Replacements dot com. They have this dinnerware pattern listed within the Johnson Brothers section (vs. Laura Ashley). Not sure about international shipping, but a place to start.

      It is charming china, and I hope you find the pieces you’re looking for!

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