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Chickens, hens, roosters…more dishes

Over my kitchen cabinets, I have a display of chicken things. Mostly dishes, but a few other pieces as well. I have some other chicken-related things around the house as well. I've just chosen to collect because they're fun, and then...

Above the kitchen counter

Above the kitchen counter

My grandfather raised and showed bantam chickens for many years. He passed before I was old enough to remember him, but I remember the chicken houses and pens at my grandmother's house. The sound of the chickens and the smell of the clean straw.

We had a few chickens at our house, too. I remember being chased by a rooster and climbing up the slide on the swing set to get away. And I remember, when it was time to eat a few chickens, the kids' job was to chase them down after my father started the process, sending them from chicken yard to chicken pot.

Mosser glass red hen

Mosser glass red hen

When the September issue of Country Living came out, I enjoyed the article about using chicken-theme items to add some color and whimsy to your kitchen or home decor. We already knew about the Mosser glass hens (they come in lots of colors besides red, and we have a number of them among our eBay offerings).

Nice to have the extra confirmation, that chicken motifs and color add a touch of enjoyment, even nostalgia, for days gone by, even if the items themselves aren't vintage. It just adds an extra piece of meaning to a collection, when it has a family connection as well.

Chicken theme creamer & sugar

Chicken theme creamer & sugar

Warren Kimble Henny Penny plate

Warren Kimble Henny Penny plate

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2 comments to Chickens, hens, roosters…more dishes

  • Karen

    I am trying to find the name and manufacturer of dishes that I have. They are a whitish background with a rooster in the center, and folk art looking flowers, leaves and scrolls all in green. There are no marks on the back. Any help you could steer me to would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  • Kimbesa

    The best I can suggest is Replacements dot com. It is difficult to ID dishes that do not have a maker name marked on them. But you may find it, and enjoy the many dishes with chicken or rooster motifs that are made that are pictured there.

    Good luck!

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