Celebrate Earth Day with Home Baking

Earth Day is April 22, and in 2010 celebrates its 40th anniversary. It has expanded to Earth Awareness Week, which we like, because a week gives time to add something new to your "green living" skills and activities at home.

In this series, we suggest baking at home as something to do to celebrate Earth Day. If you are not already a home baker, this is a new skill with ongoing usefulness, a way to help make the Earth a greener place. Wholesome food, made at home from basic ingredients, can help you and your family eat healthier, save money, and enjoy your own creative expression through food.

What could be more "vintage" than baking the way grandma, great-grandma and other ancestors did, with the convenience of modern ovens and their temperature controls. One of my grandmother's had a wood stove which I remember well. The other had a more modern kitchen, which included a bread drawer. So baking can bring to mind those memories very easily.

When your baking is done, you can serve your creations on vintage dinnerware, another opportunity to have fun with grandma's dishes, your own special finds, and to use beautiful things in general. Table setting for Earth Day has lots of possibilities for a beautiful tabletop.

We have several more posts to come on home baking...we hope you will enjoy them!

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