Vintage dinnerware retro style

Vintage Dishes – Seen in a Magazine

When I’m shopping for vintage dishes, I sometimes buy old magazines as well. Many home publications contain how-to articles that are just as “evergreen” as my favorite vintage dishes. I can see why writers, photographers and food stylists choose to use vintage classics to show off the food in a recipe story, or illustrate the […]

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Birthday cake and vintage china plates

Vintage Violets and Birthday Cake

Another year older: Happy Birthday, Diary of a Dishie! I found these pretty dessert plates with violets on them, February’s birthday flower. Looks like a few white primroses, too, on a white background with gold rims. This pattern is called Beverly and was made by Aichi China in Japan. I’m not familiar with this maker, […]

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Corningware snack bowl and plate

Grab a Snack in Vintage Style

Having an old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich, or that favorite chicken noodle soup? Summer or winter, these foods are simple and easy, snacks you may remember from childhood. And if you are in a certain age bracket, you might remember the Grab It bowl or Snack It plate shown here. Velveeta cheese or Campbell’s soup: Do […]

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Mikasa Desert Flower dinnerware

Mikasa Mediterrania Retro Classic

  Dinnerware that shouts Retro: china in the Mediterrania product line by Mikasa qualifies. Perhaps it even sets the standard. This salad plate in the Desert Flower pattern is a cheerful yellow, and bold. If you’re a fan of 1970s style, or mixing it up with a bohemian flair, this dinnerware is worth seeking out […]

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California Poppy vintage Mikasa plate

Milk Cookies Mikasa

I’ve been collecting Mikasa stoneware from the 1970s. I love the designs. Only thing is, I don’t usually find more than a few pieces at a time. I like to use my dinnerware. Here’s another excuse to get more creative, and imagine a table setting using this beautiful dinnerware in different patterns. While I use […]

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Bamboo handle server Johnson Bros china handcrafted

Complementing Vintage Dinnerware – Cherry Thieves

Cherry Thieves is a vintage Johnson Brothers china pattern from the late 1960s. It features birds and cherries, on stylized tree branches. A reader, Priya, wrote to me about this pattern, and I’ve been looking into it ever since.(Update: found!) Until I found this pattern, the closest I got was a similar Johnson Brothers pattern […]

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Corning ware pie dish

Pie Serving Plates | Enjoy a Big Slice

Pie lovers are very loyal to their favorite flavors. Pie serving plates are made specifically to enjoy a large slice, especially served with ice cream. Some of them are flat like regular plates, generally in the 8 to 9 inch diameter size. I’ve written about a favorite pie plate made by Syracuse a while back. […]

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McRib sandwich vintage Corelle plate Meadow

McRib Meets Vintage Corelle

I like to use my vintage Corelle, and the right time is anytime. Bringing home my first McRib sandwich. Enjoy sandwich and dinnerware at the same time. I’ve written about using my vintage Corelle plate in the Meadow pattern before. Today, it was for a cult classic, the McDonald’s McRib sandwich. I’d never had one […]

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vintage glassware in bold colors

Vintage Glassware | Fall Colors

When I’m scouting for vintage glassware, the retro green and golden amber colors stand out strong on the shelf. They are distinctive and bold, and work well with contemporary table settings based on an autumn color palette, as well as those built around other vivid colors. Some of the vintage glassware patterns that were made […]

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Vintage Mikasa serving bowl

Identifying Vintage Dinnerware Tips

When you want to get more of your favorite vintage dishes, but don’t know the pattern name, what to do? Identifying vintage dinnerware is one of the challenges of using vintage dishes. Whether you have new-to-you-dishes, or a family heirloom set, getting more of a pattern you cherish can be complicated when you don’t have […]

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