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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Missoni Dinnerware Table Setting | Colorful Ideas

You had to have it. Making a Missoni dinnerware table setting, how bold it that! This dinnerware is meant to make a statement.

This dinnerware was designed exclusively for Target and was an immediate hit when it was launched on September 13. So popular, that it could be hard to get enough of any one type to put together a table setting (check for Missoni for Target dinnerware in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay).

Also, the piece types are limited: salad plates, dinner plates, cereal bowls and tumblers that coordinate.

Not that the pieces match in the traditional sense. This . . . → Read More: Missoni Dinnerware Table Setting | Colorful Ideas

Mix and Match Dinnerware | Cheer Up A Rainy Day

We get lots of gloomy days in Michigan. One way to brighten them, mix and match dinnerware pieces from the cupboards. Playing with dishes is always fun…

I started with the smaller plate, Marion by Meyer. This is vintage restaurant ware. In weight it’s close to stoneware. This service-ready china is very practical, and this pattern fits well with my “every color as long as it’s blue” dinnerware obsession.

Grilled cheese sandwich, hear I come. This plate goes on top, to help the cheese melt as I cook it in the skillet.

The larger plate is Provincal Sky by Lenox. . . . → Read More: Mix and Match Dinnerware | Cheer Up A Rainy Day

China Gravy Boats | Repurpose Me

My china gravy boats tend to drift to the back of my china cabinet, and I’m betting that yours do, too. Meat gravy, to serve over potatoes, has gone the way of the meat and potatoes meal, less common than in past decades.

Gravy boats are also called sauce boats or servers. The functionality of these serving pieces can be applied in other ways in your table setting, to serve the sauces that appear in menus today, with a little creativity.

Use your gravy boat to serve other foods

Salad dressings. If you have two or three choices, different complementary . . . → Read More: China Gravy Boats | Repurpose Me

Blue and White Dinnerware | Perpetual Popularity

Blue is a restful color. Add white and look sharp!

Blue and white dinnerware can go formal or casual, to convey a simple charm to your table setting: calm, cool and classic.

Choose a dinnerware maker, and look for their patterns that incorporate blue. You’ll find hundreds of china patterns based on a blue, or blue and white color scheme.

I’ve written about blue and white dishes before. They always have a special place in my heart…and my china cabinet! They are ongoing favorites to use and enjoy among my dish collection. (My favorite Summer Chintz pattern china has a . . . → Read More: Blue and White Dinnerware | Perpetual Popularity

Light Color Vintage Dinnerware for Fall Table Setting

Vintage china pale patterns

What if your fall tableware color scheme calls for light colors, instead of bold ones? Your lovely pale theme can work just as well for fall, using vintage dinnerware in light colors.

Soft and delicate dinnerware colors will keep your table setting clean and crisp. Monochromatic color schemes built around white, off-white and gray convey elegance and a graceful style.

These styles are also flexible. You can keep it light overall, or let one bright color, perhaps in a centerpiece, set off your table setting with a bit of drama.

Tips to keeping your fall table setting light

Let . . . → Read More: Light Color Vintage Dinnerware for Fall Table Setting

Fall Dinnerware Colors – From Piece to Palette

Egg cup Chanticleer Zrike

Choose your fall dinnerware colors from a palette of traditional favorites, and you’ll easily create a harmonious table setting

For example, just this little egg cup (Chanticleer pattern by Zrike) can provide lots of color inspiration.

Three main colors to draw from as a focal point: a rich, warm terracotta in the brown to orange range, forest green and cozy cream. Then some lovely accent colors: a soft leaf green, dusty maroon, and palest blue.

Dinnerware in earthenware or stoneware, in the same colors, can mix and match to your hearts content. A pretty set of colors with a . . . → Read More: Fall Dinnerware Colors – From Piece to Palette

Mix and Match Your Big Bowls – Dudson China

When I’m out hunting for dinnerware, I find wonderful things that I’ve never seen, such as this Dudson china soup, salad or pasta bowl.

Dudson is made in England, and available in the US, including products designed for the restaurant and hotel tableware industries. The name was new to me when I found these large bowls in Dudson’s Santa Fe pattern.

I’m rescuing beautiful china from oblivion, and letting it come to my home (or yours) so it can have more useful life. These have a hand-applied glaze, and using them on the table is also like painting with . . . → Read More: Mix and Match Your Big Bowls – Dudson China

Earth Day Baking Part 5: Yeast Breads

While they take longer to make than quick breads, yeast-raised breads are versatile and delicious. Great to eat by themselves, with soup, stew, or another meal – homemade breads can help you save money and eat healthier. Baking bread is also a great way to express your creativity in the kitchen.

Yeast is a living organism, employed for thousands of years to leaven bread. The yeast cells create air bubbles, which become trapped by the gluten in the flour. This causes the loaf to expand.

A leisurely Saturday or Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to practice some new . . . → Read More: Earth Day Baking Part 5: Yeast Breads

Let Your Table Setting Sparkle with Glassware

Glass accessories like goblets, cake plates, salt and pepper shakers or jam jars are guaranteed to light up your table setting ideas.

The shine and transparent qualities of glass are often complementary to your china dinnerware sets.

Glass has been used since Roman times due to its beauty, transparency and color possibilities. In Medieval Venice, glass artisans were kept on an island, lest they take their valuable glassmaking knowledge away with them to other places.

Glassmaking eventually came to America and numerous makers, especially in the east, founded factories in places where they could find the proper sand and . . . → Read More: Let Your Table Setting Sparkle with Glassware

Plates in all sizes make table setting easy

Dinnerware sets include various plate sizes for various uses, taking their names from the foods they are commonly used to serve. Bread, salad or dinner plates are just some of the possibilities.

Names for different sizes vary between manufacturers, or even within the product lines of a single manufacturer over time. Diameter alone will not tell for sure what name a particular manufacturer is using for a specific piece in a particular pattern or product line.

Bread plates are usually the smallest size. These are used for dinner rolls or pieces of bread at the place setting. Diners can . . . → Read More: Plates in all sizes make table setting easy

Holiday table setting: Red and green are Christmas traditions

Mosser glass salt pepper shakers

Setting your holiday table can be a snap when you choose red and green as your color scheme.

So many of us grew up with bright red and green as the holiday decor at home, in shops and at school. These colors will bring back happy Christmas memories from times gone past.

Start with the red and green dinnerware you already own, and evaluate which pieces you need to add, based on your menu and the number of guests.

Choose a true red, cherry red or candy apple red Select a green that is in the middle on . . . → Read More: Holiday table setting: Red and green are Christmas traditions

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