Tall Cooler Glass of Lemonade

On a hot, muggy evening, I could sure use a tall cooler glass full of lemonade. Fresh-squeezed, with just a bit of sugar. Glasses like these, made for Corelle’s Landscape pattern, would work just fine. They have nice heavy bottoms, and hold a good 16 ounces. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the Produce Palace and […]

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Mosser Glass is Luscious

Recently, we made an opportunity to visit Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio. We’d already seen the factory on Made in America on the Travel Channel, but there’s nothing like a personal visit. It really was like being a kid in a candy store. Only you can handle the goods if you’re careful! We arrived in […]

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Depression Glass, Classic Style

This past weekend, the local Depression glass society had its spring show. Always a treat to see this beautiful glass, and the society members make it enjoyable. They run a table where you can get help with identifying your own glass (included in the cost of admission). They identified ruffled blue berry bowl in the […]

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