Tapioca Pudding in Glassware

All dressed up and someplace to go… …your dining table for your guests’ enjoyment! Plain vanilla tapioca pudding doesn’t have to go Plain Jane to serve your guests. With a bit of real whipped cream, some silver cookie decorations and a silver plated spoon, it can be dressed up and ready to be elegant and tasty. […]

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Let Your Table Setting Sparkle with Glassware

Glass accessories like goblets, cake plates, salt and pepper shakers or jam jars are guaranteed to light up your table setting ideas. The shine and transparent qualities of glass are often complementary to your china dinnerware sets. Glass has been used since Roman times due to its beauty, transparency and color possibilities. In Medieval Venice, […]

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Embossed cherry pattern footed glassware

Tips for proper care of glassware

A wonderful set of new glassware is now yours, perfect to add sparkle and shine to your table settings. Whether the pieces are goblets, tumblers, sherbets, coolers or any of the other glassware shapes, you will want to use them often. Here’s how you can take the best care of them: Glass is softer than […]

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Cooler glasses – sip your lemonade in vintage style

Someone asked me about cooler glasses, because she hadn’t seen any. Summer is here, and it’s time for lemonade, iced tea and other cold drinks. So I got out my trusty Michigan glasses, and here they are. How cool are these! They just scream vintage. Plain glasses dressed up with state scenes in the style […]

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Egg plates for Easter

Beautiful plates to display and serve your deviled eggs, or colored, hard-boiled Easter eggs, have been available for many years. They’re popular in the spring and summer for holiday gatherings and outdoor parties, or any time of year. Egg plates come in glass, plastic or ceramic versions. The best ones for you are those suited […]

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Snazzy glass: Milano flat tumbler

Another one of those orphan glasses… This time, it’s an 8 oz flat tumber by Anchor Hocking, aqua blue, in the Milano pattern. By flat, they mean that there’s no foot or stem on the glass. Milano has a bark-like texture on the outside. The color really drew us in on this one. Now that […]

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French tumblers Arcoroc green

Orphan glassware – French wine tumblers

When I was a kid, it was the stuffed animals. Now it’s the dishes, and orphan glassware is always a temptation. They look so lonely… When I’m out and about, I’m attracted to the onesies and twosies in among the glassware. We found these wonderful green glass tumblers, made in France. They have great grape […]

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Inauguration leads to Lenox, too

Remember the tag line, Love Leads to Lenox, used in print advertising during the heyday of department store wedding registries? Lenox fine china and crystal were so associated with weddings, that if you were in love, registering a pattern and, ultimately owning Lenox, was deemed inevitable. Today the fine china market has softened, and Lenox […]

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Chocolate cake, remember when

It must be the change in weather. When things get cool, we get itchy to bake. We first paired this easy and moist chocolate cake with a simple cooked frosting about 40 years ago. Just learning to cook then, and prowling in mother’s cookbooks for ideas. The combination has become a family favorite. Cockeyed Cake […]

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