Federal orange juice glasses

Federal Glass Vintage Mugs and Tumblers

Federal Glass was the maker of eye-catching, now vintage glassware, and pieces are still fairly easy to find in secondary marketplaces. I especially notice the drinking glasses, tumblers and coffee mugs that I see in my travels. Thrift stores often have long rows of glass items, displayed on open shelves. Look for colorful clear tumblers […]

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Swedish Modern glass with salsa and chips

Cinco de Mayo Meets Swedish Modern

There are always new ways to celebrate, and mix the best of vintage dishes with current holidays. When I saw this pairing of two Swedish Modern vintage glass pieces, an idea dawned. Let me serve chips and salsa for Cinco de Mayo in this vintage glassware, design inspired by a colder part of the world. […]

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Glasswre 3-part server Georgian

Gold Vintage Glassware | Bling for Thanksgiving Table Setting

Shiny bright glass, and gold vintage glassware in particular, offers a special opportunity for your Thanksgiving and fall table settings. Warmer than amber, bright gold glasses and other serving pieces can give extra spark to complement your china. Finding Vintage Gold Glassware Check the secondary marketplace. This is a color from the late 1960s to […]

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Soreno green glass snack sets Vintage

Vintage Glass Retro Style | Soreno Green

Green glassware can mix and match with lots of different tableware patterns, both glass and china. Vintage glass in the Soreno Green pattern by Anchor Hocking was created in the late 1960s and has classic retro style that is still relevant to today’s table settings. This pattern was made in multiple colors, in addition to […]

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Vintage Libbey glassware Impromptu and Accent in tawny brown

Brown Vintage Glassware | Retro Style

Out scouting today, I found some brown vintage glassware, the kind I especially look for. I love the sleek shapes of this glass, as do people who are looking to set a retro-style dinner table. Brown is a great color for fall, and it trends in and out of fashion in general. Now it is […]

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vintage glassware in bold colors

Vintage Glassware | Fall Colors

When I’m scouting for vintage glassware, the retro green and golden amber colors stand out strong on the shelf. They are distinctive and bold, and work well with contemporary table settings based on an autumn color palette, as well as those built around other vivid colors. Some of the vintage glassware patterns that were made […]

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Pebble Leaf dish and Cherry Thumbprint glass

Why Use Vintage Dinnerware

  I’ve been looking at lots of vintage dinnerware lately, most in connection with vintage weddings. Then a new cookie came on the market, and the contrast between old and new struck me. Why do people in modern times, this 21st century, want to use vintage dishes, glassware and other tableware? Why create a new […]

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vintage Indiana glass

Indiana Glass | Style Old and New

Indiana Glass was made for so long that the available styles cover a number of timeless design trends. While much of the glass produced by Indiana is now vintage, the styles are still relevant, making this glassware a good candidate for today’s table settings. This beautiful glassware can fit into many table setting themes and […]

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Loganberry bowl Indiana Glass

Indiana Glass | Loganberry

Indiana Glass made a number of patterns that I’m especially fond of in glassware. These pieces are based on nature, with motifs that include leaves, fruit, berries and flowers. When I look for vintage glassware from the 1970s, color is one of my guidelines. Colors like golden amber and olive green are a telltale sign. […]

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Sample shapes clear vintage glassware

Glassware Shapes | Table Setting Charm

Clear glassware goes with many table settings, kinda like white dinnerware. The shapes and motifs also come into play, as does the quality of the glass. Some patterns are elegant, some are casual, and you’ll want to harmonize your glassware choices with your overall theme. In addition, the beverage menu comes into play. Goblets in […]

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Glassware | Lots to Love

When I’m scouting, choosing between the glassware and the dinnerware can be a tough choice! Both have so many charms to tempt me, though I often find the china dishes to be easier to work with. Glass has its challenges, in both identification and condition. I presume that glassware in the secondary marketplace has some […]

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