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Glass Relish Dishes and China for Serving Pickles

glass and china pickle or relish dishes

Glass relish dishes, and china ones, too, have been a mainstay of holiday dinner tables for many years. Because, you need them to serve the pickles!

At home, we always had a relish tray for any holiday or special occasion. Pickles and deviled eggs were favorites on the menu.

A relish tray can include lots of different finger foods. The choices include pickles (sweet or dill, homemade or commercial) in all shapes and flavors. Then there’s pickled watermelon rind, cocktail onions, radishes, carrot and celery sticks, olives, dilly beans, pickled beets – you get the idea.

And that doesn’t include . . . → Read More: Glass Relish Dishes and China for Serving Pickles

Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Halloween colors in dishes and glassware

When it comes to Halloween dinnerware colors, the selection is broader than you may think.

The plan usually starts with traditional orange and black, of course. Pumpkins and bats — it wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

In more recent years, purple and lime green have been added to the palette.

Fall dinnerware colors in the brown, gold, rust and cream range can be used as a neutral background, to set off a quirky and spooky Halloween table setting theme.

I’ve written about my favorite Poultrygeist Halloween mug before. I just smile every time I see the funky mystery rooster, ready . . . → Read More: Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

Fall is a great time for a Harry Potter party! This is a popular theme, with so many ways to express your creativity in dinnerware and dress. Halloween ties right in with the magical world as well.

You can dress your table with the colors of the Hogwarts school houses (one or several) as one way to create your Potter party tablescape.

Gryffindor uses scarlet and gold Ravenclaw uses blue and bronze Hufflepuff uses yellow and black Slytherin uses green and silver

Dinnerware sets, glassware and flatware pieces in these colors are widely available, and you may have some china . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

Christmas Dinnerware | 3 Top Tips

Mikasa Angelica dinnerware Christmas angels


It’s never too early to get your Christmas dinnerware ready.

Fall and winter holidays are coming fast. Have your preparations ready ahead of time, and you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the parties and celebrations.

For example, this Mikasa china dinnerware in the Angelica pattern is colorful, casual, and charming with its whimsical angels. It brings blue, yellow and gold into your Christmas color palette.

I keep a permanent shopping list, where I write down anything I need for entertaining, as well as gift ideas. This helps me remember, so I can watch for things . . . → Read More: Christmas Dinnerware | 3 Top Tips

Cinco de Mayo Dinnerware | Bright Summer Party Dishes

Cheese and detail of dish Hacienda Gold Franciscan

Cinco de Mayo is today, May 5, a time to party in Mexican style.

Casual dinnerware goes with the festive atmosphere of Cinco de Mayo parties, complementary to the lively colors and simple goodness of the salsa, tortillas, enchiladas, Margaritas and other foods you might be serving.

I selected a divided vegetable dish in the Hacienda Gold pattern by Franciscan for special use today. I put regular salsa in one side (actually the Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa by Pace), and cheese dip (Queso by Taco Bell) on the other.

Served with blue corn chips, and regular corn chips, . . . → Read More: Cinco de Mayo Dinnerware | Bright Summer Party Dishes

English China Tea Party | Summer Chintz


Pretty view: a charming afternoon tea, using Summer Chintz dinnerware by Johnson Brothers.

My sister sent me a postcard from her recent vacation in Cornwall, in the west of Britain. I can see why she chose this card, apart from my interest in tea parties and table settings. The tea table setting features Summer Chintz, my pattern. (Okay, one of my patterns.)

How lovely to see it in a table setting using “my” china, laid out for tea with scones, an ivy-covered English cottage in the background.

And it’s no surprise that I’m writing about English china again, as . . . → Read More: English China Tea Party | Summer Chintz

Diary of a Dishie | 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday again for my blog, Diary of a Dishie!

To celebrate, we’ve been eating birthday cake for nearly a week. (Well, the blog hasn’t been, just waiting for me to take the photos and post…)

Birthday parties are a great time to get out your most charming dishes, and to mix and match your colorful china. The table setting for birthday parties can be anything you want it to be.

Charming dishes work for afternoon tea, too, and you set the date, the occasion or theme.

You can set a color scheme around any element you with to . . . → Read More: Diary of a Dishie | 3rd Birthday

Using Your Turkey Platter – Thanksgiving Dinner

Many turkey platters are so beautiful that they can hang on the wall when not being used to serve your Thanksgiving dinner.

Most standard, oval-shape china platters produced to match your dinnerware set are in the 12 to 16 inch range in length.

Turkey platters, as their name may lead you to conclude, are bigger. They start at 16 inches and go up to 20, or even 24 inches long. The large platter in the Plymouth pattern by Pfaltzgraff, for example, is 18 inches long by 14 inches wide.

A big platter to serve a big bird. Carving the turkey . . . → Read More: Using Your Turkey Platter – Thanksgiving Dinner

Serve Your Holiday Foods in Style

As we head quickly into fall, I’m planning for the holiday recipes I will be making for guests and gifts. One more list to make and check twice. And I’m looking for new foods to try as well.

I found a recipe for cooking thick pork chops on the Cook’s Country television show.

As soon as I saw the demo, I knew I wanted to know how to make this recipe.

The chops are salted, then roasted at low temperature, and finished in a skillet. One round of practice, and more to come. (Someone has to taste test this new . . . → Read More: Serve Your Holiday Foods in Style

Tips to Mix and Match Your Snack Set Dishes

Combing the dish aisle, looking for vintage snack sets, it is very common to find the plates without cups, or perhaps without enough cups to have a complete matched set.

Or the cups are too small to serve the coffee or tea that you want to have with your desserts.

Yet you want to use these charming dishes. What do to?

Measure the indent in the plate so you can look for cups with a foot that will fit into that space. If the cups have a smaller foot, they could work, but cups with a larger foot are . . . → Read More: Tips to Mix and Match Your Snack Set Dishes

Snack Sets or Party Dishes – What Are They?

My grandmother had a set of rectangular glass plates with small punch cups. We always called them party dishes

The plates had a little indent to fit the foot of the cup, to help keep it on the plate.

The cups were small, about 4 ounces, because they were intended only for punch. The plates were about 12 by 7 inches. Guests might sit at a table, or just as likely carry them around. The shape made them easier to balance on your lap while eating.

Party dishes were often used for wedding showers or receptions, christenings, anniversary parties . . . → Read More: Snack Sets or Party Dishes – What Are They?

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