Mikasa platter with Valentine treats

Chop Platters Round and Sweet

It’s so much fun to use vintage dishes for display pieces to show off some special holiday treats. I went straight to my collection to find a sleek, modern plate to show some pretty Valentine goodies. I love to use my vintage favorites, like these platters. They are beautiful, and really personalize a creative table […]

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Christmas Roses – Sweet Briar and Cheesecake

Vintage china featuring a rose motif is a classic choice for Christmas and wintertime entertaining. The colors are traditional. Designs that feature shiny metallic rims add bling, as do the gold rim and verge line on this petite dessert plate. The Sweet Briar pattern by Princess makes dessert even sweeter. This is a vintage pattern […]

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Anchor Glass 22K gold

Fire King Swirl – Vintage Classic

This white glass dinnerware with golden edges is my newest collection. I found several pieces within days of each other, in thrift shops in the area. Was it a sign? This Swirl pattern reminds me of days long ago, eating egg sandwiches around the kitchen table. I liked the pieces, and the memories. This dinnerware […]

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Vintage dinnerware favorite patterns

7 Vintage Dinnerware Favorites

How to make a list of only a few special patterns? This is a challenge. I decided to review prior posts that have gotten the most comments so far, over the 8+ years that I’ve been writing on Diary of a Dishie.   I enjoyed this review of favorite wares. It was like stopping by […]

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Corelle plate Country Morn

7 Reasons Why Corelle Keeps Its Popularity

Corelle dinnerware has been popular since its early days in 1970. At our house, Corelle is the workhorse dinnerware we use first every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We use it to serve food just cooked, as well as warming leftovers in the microwave. We like the Country Morn pattern. Corelle is practical, hands […]

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Christmas platter natural elements

Have a Vintage and Natural Christmas

Grandma’s vintage Christmas platter can do extra duty as holiday décor, if you don’t need to use it to serve your special dinner. This platter by Fine China of Japan (circa 1980s) can be the basis for a centerpiece using natural elements, like greenery, ornaments made from walnuts, and frosted tree pretzels. The platter pattern […]

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Pairs of vintage dinnerware pieces

Vintage Dishes – Just Two – What To Do?

I like to use my vintage china. One challenge: setting a table for a group, when I only have a few of the piece types I want to use to serve the foods I’ve cooked. What can you do, when you have only two? Secondary marketplaces are spotty in their detailed offerings. Yes, there’s lots […]

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Canyon Ridge Cappuccino Pfaltzgraff dinnreware

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Color Band Patterns

A reader asked me about one of the Pfaltzgraff china patterns that I showed in a prior post. Thanks, Annie! I hope you found the color match you were looking for. Here’s the prior post: Complete Your Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Collection. If a sleek, round and simple dinnerware fits your style, you might enjoy some of […]

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Starburst Franciscan china

Starburst Search Vintage Franciscan China

I’m looking for a few pieces of the Starburst pattern to add to my collection. This is vintage dinnerware from the 1950s and 1960s, with an “atomic” star motif. Think Space Age, Mid-Century Modern, and Mad Men. The shapes are a bit of a twist: not quite round plates and triangular for the tray that […]

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Lenox china vintage sugar bowl popcorn

Vintage Dinnerware Repurposed for Earth Day

Earth Day is every day when you continue using your vintage china and glassware! Most dinnerware is not recyclable, nor is broken glass or Pyrex. Yet you can keep using those old dishes and glasses in different ways to jazz up your table setting, made up eclectic place settings, or just enjoy the style of […]

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Vintage dinnerware Franciscan Maytime

How Much is Vintage Dinnerware Worth?

I get this question a lot: What is the value of a certain pattern of vintage china. The short answer is the same as for other antiques and collectibles: whatever someone will pay you for it. There are places to research the prices others have used when listing these dishes for sale. Sites like Replacements, […]

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