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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Vintage Noritake… So Charming

Vintage Noritake relish dish

The thrill of the hunt never seems to go away. And I found some beautiful vintage Noritake that I’d first noticed a few weeks ago. Since it was still around when I went back, it needed to come home with me. At least, temporarily.

The relish dish caught my eye first, because relish dishes do, especially the multi-part ones. And this was is especially classic with the handle and the gold rim and trim. Then there’s the stylized pea vine motif. I decided it was a legume because of the tendrils. No name yet found for this pattern, but . . . → Read More: Vintage Noritake… So Charming

Churchill china, English tea

So….the cooler weather puts us in mind for a cup of hot tea. When the neighborhood is fragrant with woodsmoke to take off the September-like chill, a mug of steaming tea goes down nicely!

Churchill's Port of Call

My British brother-in-law showed me the way to make a good cup. First, fill the cup about 2/3 full with freshly brewed tea. Whatever you like, though we usually had English Breakfast or an Earl Grey.

Then add milk until the tea turns a warm caramel color. That’s the right amount of milk, and enjoy! They still get milk delivered in . . . → Read More: Churchill china, English tea

Restaurant ware, vintage and modern

Remember the days of swivel bar stools covered in red Naugahyde, Dixie cups and burgers in a basket? That’s where restaurant wares take us, whether modern or vintage. Back to Happy Days…

Syracuse China has been known for many years, for restaurant ware china in the vintage market, and for its modern cousins. Many people like these wares because they’re so durable. You can use restaurant ware plates to help melt the cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich, for example, without worry about the plate’s taking the heat. These heavy plates can take normal use and then some.

Buffalo . . . → Read More: Restaurant ware, vintage and modern

Earth Day – Vintage is Green

I’m glad to see Earth Day expanded to Earth Week. It got me thinking about vintage dishes, and why vintage is green.

Vintage is recycled by nature. It’s been discontinued by the manufacturer. Most pieces some from the secondary market and were previously owned. Dishes with a history. They’ve been around once and are ready to go around again in a new home…yours!

Vintage has already been made. All the inputs (clay, glaze, electricity to heat the kiln, etc.) have been used. Vintage may have age, but it also has enduring quality. Vintage still has useful life. No need . . . → Read More: Earth Day – Vintage is Green

Even dishes are Irish

Like food, china and dinnerware can take you places, too.

Take Noritake’s Keltcraft line, made in Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s. Soft, pale colors, as on this darling creamer, speak with charm about a vibrant land. Ireland in the spring is very green to us North Americans. In May and June it’s so green in can make your eyes water.

The Kilkee pattern from the Keltcraft line is pale tan with butterflies and pastel blue flowers. This brings up that Kilkee is a real place, in County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. West Clare is known . . . → Read More: Even dishes are Irish

The Woman’s Club Tea

In February or March each year, my local woman’s club has a tea. The theme is Valentine’s Day, Easter or Alice in Wonderland.

Really, it’s an excuse for the members to get out their best dishes, invite their friends for an afternoon of conversation and treats…. and have some fun!

I confess. I’m a shameless dish flipper. I have to see who made them. I even flip the flatware.

I really enjoy the tea, and I like to come in the night before to savor the table settings at leisure.

The funky setting with the flamingo favors is my . . . → Read More: The Woman’s Club Tea

Happy Anniversary, Tea in Ireland

A year ago, I was having afternoon tea with my friend Siobhan in a castle in Ireland — at Adare, in the west near the River Shannon. It was a wonderful treat.

Of course, I had to flip the china, and saw that it was Villeroy & Boch. Elegant white china. We enjoyed the dishes and the food in this fantastic setting.

Wedding photos were being taken out front as we drove up. We enjoyed our tea in the library.

We had it all to ourselves, with a lovely view of the grounds from a bay window.

A beautiful . . . → Read More: Happy Anniversary, Tea in Ireland

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