Back to school dishes

Best Vintage Dishes for Back to School

What vintage dishes would work well for a student going off to school? I was poking around a thrift store recently, in company of some folks who were looking to outfit a grandson for his first college apartment. They were shopping for cookware. Someone else had the dinnerware checklist. A lot of people are looking […]

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Country Diary Edwardian Lady Noritake china

Noritake China Inspired By a Diary

Even if you know of the book, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, you might not know that this classic inspired a dinnerware set, made by Noritake in the 1980s. The book was a publishing hit, when it came out in 1977, in a facsimile edition of the naturalist diary of Edith Blackwell Holden […]

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Florenteen Fantasia – One Sweet China Pattern

One of the sweetest vintage china patterns we find in our travels is Fantasia by Florenteen. This dinnerware was made in Japan and is typical of 1960s patterns and products. Especially look at the swoop shapes of pieces such as the creamer, sugar bowl and gravy boat. This china features dainty sprays of flowers in […]

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Restaurant ware collection

Restaurant ware – a retro classic to collect

  You know the kind of local restaurant I’m talking about. Mom and Pop. Everybody knows your name. Not a cookie cutter, nor a cliché. A neighborhood one-of-a-kind. The orders are called out loud to the short order cooks, and the clatter of china is common. A waitress carrying three, four, or more full meals […]

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Wedding table settings – vintage china makes memories

Weddings – in June or any other time – celebrate traditions important to family and friends. Vintage china, carefully selected to complement a wedding theme, can add meaning and beauty to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or a wedding banquet. If the wedding will feature a big dinner, consider using vintage dinnerware on the head […]

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Blue and white china – set a summer table light

Blue and white china. Crisp and clean, great for summer table settings. Around our house, you can have any color, especially blue. It’s easy to mix and match with other blue and white wares, especially those with simple bands of color. Blue and white reminds me of the salty sea shore or a breezy summer […]

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Inauguration leads to Lenox, too

Remember the tag line, Love Leads to Lenox, used in print advertising during the heyday of department store wedding registries? Lenox fine china and crystal were so associated with weddings, that if you were in love, registering a pattern and, ultimately owning Lenox, was deemed inevitable. Today the fine china market has softened, and Lenox […]

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Chocolate cake, remember when

It must be the change in weather. When things get cool, we get itchy to bake. We first paired this easy and moist chocolate cake with a simple cooked frosting about 40 years ago. Just learning to cook then, and prowling in mother’s cookbooks for ideas. The combination has become a family favorite. Cockeyed Cake […]

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Vintage Noritake relish dish

Vintage Noritake… So Charming

The thrill of the hunt never seems to go away. And I found some beautiful vintage Noritake that I’d first noticed a few weeks ago. Since it was still around when I went back, it needed to come home with me. At least, temporarily. The relish dish caught my eye first, because relish dishes do, […]

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