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Casserole on a Mikasa Gem – and vegetarian, too

A while back, I posted a recipe for Hamburger Noodle Corn casserole that Mom used to make on another one of my web ventures. As we did at home, I baked in a big, yellow Pyrex bowl. It feeds a crowd.

Photo courtesy of shyflea

Photo courtesy of shyflea

My colleague Lynette - shyflea to all fellow Queen's Court members - made a vegetarian version recently, and they love it at her house! Plus it made enough for her family, the neighbor and hubby's lunch.

Here's how she modified it:

  • Vegeburger replaced hamburger
  • Extra noodles replaced croutons
  • Combo of super firm tofu soaked in vege chicken broth and Cream of Celery soup replaced Cream of Chicken soup

"The recipe is a keeper," Lynette says. Great thing about casseroles - you really can change out the ingredients to make them satisfy your own taste.

And she served it on a Gem - or the Gem pattern I should say - a vintage china plate by Mikasa, from its Cerestone line. This pattern was easy to recognize by the blue and green diamond motif.

Mikasa made solid color pieces in the Cerastone line (such as blue, yellow and black) to coordinate with the patterns, with names like Moon Dot, Blue Point, Hawaii, Nightfall and Pasadena. (We have a few pieces listed at Kimbesa's Closet...)

We don't see this ware very often in our travels, and it doesn't seem to be sought too much. Probably because it crazes more easily than stoneware or porcelain. But if you're going for a vintage 1960s or 1970s look, this is one product to keep an eye out for.

Or if you're looking for a stylish plate when eating some really good casserole!

Good to the last bite

Good to the last bite - Pyrex bowl for casserole

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