Blogging Fun and Dinnerware – Dishes Galore

I saw something today that caught my imagination A well-known professional blogger, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, suggested writing a list post, a round up of selected previous posts.

I've never done a story on Diary of a Dishie quite like this. So here goes.

Diary of a Dishie - Memorable Posts

My second post, back in 2008, was about having afternoon tea in Ireland. A short piece with a few photos, about a memorable day with a memorable friend. Lovely dishes and food, too.

One of the most popular posts is about tuna casserole. This one has an extra twist: It's about ovenware, a recipe, and a job. You'll have to read the post to get the whole story.

It's enjoyable to make something good to eat, then use your wonderful dishes to serve it. So...baking figures into many posts on Diary of a Dishie. We did a series recently about Earth Day baking, as good a reason as any to enjoy the fruits of the earth and use your vintage china.

Food, dishes and friends often go together, too. When you make friends by blogging, swapping posts is almost as much fun as a Sunday feast. My colleague, Wanda Fitzgerald of Charm Chatter, wrote about Starbucks mugs for my blog, and I wrote about charming dinnerware for her readers.

One of the most surprising, most-searched terms is Big Top. As in the vintage peanut butter goblets from the 1950s and 1960s. There are people collecting sets of these, just like the people who collect grandma's dinnerware pattern. It's the meaning that makes these memorable.

Your interests can take you a lot of places. Blogging and dishes led me to meet Chef Lynn Miller, who makes great food and has a great collection of dinnerware of her own. There are several posts here about her food, showcasing wonderful dinnerware as well. Check out this post about dishes and food for Easter, or do a search on Chef Lynn and find all the pages and posts about her.

Happy Birthday Diary of a Dishie

One thing I've learned by doing this blog for more than two years is that we have a wonderful world full of great friends, fantastic food, and beautiful things to enjoy, especially in the realm of vintage dinnerware and china.

Dishes have meaning for a lot of people, because we associate them with good times, family and friends. Using special dinnerware can enhance our lives, and those of the people we care about the most.

Remember to enjoy your dishes!

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