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A Classy Vintage Coffee Pot

Ever uncover a vintage find and say, “That’s mine” out loud? An outstanding china coffee pot did it for me. Mount Vernon, Harmony House by Hall.

Mount Vernon coffee pot Harmony House SearsThis piece is not like my usual thrift store finds. It must have just been put on the shelf when I saw it. Fluted and scroll details, gold rims and footed shape.

That coffee pot was in my cart for review in seconds. Coupons helped me take it home at a very good price.

When I looked it up later, I found that the Mount Vernon pattern was made for Harmony House by Hall, in the 1940s and 1950s.

Harmony House was a brand made for Sears, and besides dinnerware, included home furnishings and accessories, linens, paint and carpeting.

It was designed to help the homemaker coordinate all the elements of her home.

I’ve seen quite a few Harmony House china patterns over the years. Sheraton comes to mind, as well as Autumn, Moderne and another called Vintage. Those are made in lighter porcelain, not the heavier restaurant ware like Mount Vernon.

The Check for Condition

I knew I was taking this home as a display piece. But I had to check it anyway.

Vintage china coffee pot Mount Vernon by Hall for Harmony HouseThis piece is imperfect. First, there is wear on the gold, notably on the lid. This could be from use, or perhaps from the clear shipping tape that some stores use to keep pieces together.

When you’re purchasing pieces that have gold or platinum rims, and there is any doubt, soak the tape off rather than pulling it.

No matter what they might say, sometimes that tape will take off the metallic rims. (I’ve even had it take the glaze off certain types of dinnerware.)

Second, this piece is cracked on the inside bottom of the pot section.

This damage is not obvious on the outside of the pot. It could have been caused by adding water that was too hot to a pot that had not been pre-warmed with a swirl of hot water, prior to filling.

Vintage china handle detail Mount VernonNeither of these imperfections matters for my purposes.

I really enjoy this piece – a charming dinnerware serving piece that’s older than I am, well on its way to becoming an antique.


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4 comments to A Classy Vintage Coffee Pot

  • Liz

    Hello, I have a set of, (53 pieces), Habor House, Mount Vernon China, and I want to sell them because I’m moving into a smaller place. What would you suggest I do to sell them quickly for a fair price? Thanks! Liz

    • kimbesa

      Hello Liz!

      Mount Vernon is a beautiful, older pattern that would make a wonderful set for someone to use for special tea parties and Sunday dinners.

      The best I can suggest is to find a secondhand store in your area where the owner would purchase from you outright. Please be aware, the market for most vintage china is soft.

      I hope all goes well!

  • Merle McCauley

    My brother has this exact pot with matching creamer n sugar bowl-is 90.00 too much for the set?

    • kimbesa

      Hello Merle!

      The only way to know for sure is to offer at that amount, and see what happens. Vintage is worth what someone will pay for it, though you can get an idea based on what others are using as their offer prices, by looking at online marketplaces.

      Of course items that are new, never used (even if old stock), in the original box, documented as one owner, can add a premium to in-demand items.

      Good luck!

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