7 Vintage Dinnerware Favorites

Vintage dinnerware favorite patterns

How to make a list of only a few special patterns? This is a challenge.

I decided to review prior posts that have gotten the most comments so far, over the 8+ years that I’ve been writing on Diary of a Dishie.

Vintage dinnerware favorite patterns


I enjoyed this review of favorite wares. It was like stopping by a friend’s house for a chat to catch up on things!

You might like these, too. Just pour a cup of coffee or tea, and read on as you wish.

Readers had a lot to say about long-time favorites like these:

Vintage China Federalist White by Sears

Federalist by Sears. This dinnerware was made in white, two tones of yellow (Buttercup and Lemon), a blue and white pattern (Mayhill), a floral pattern (Country French), and other versions, too. Federalist by Sears has been discontinued for many years, but still has a following of dish lovers who have owned it and used it for years.

Vintage Corelle Meadow

Corelle by Corning is a favorite among buyers of both new and vintage dishes. Corelle was my first dinnerware when I got my first place. Corelle is a perennial and practical dinnerware.

Readers weighed in on some well-known dinnerware brands, too:

Vintage Noritake Buttercup

Noritake has been around for decades, and is another product that has a following of affectionate followers. Sought-after vintage patterns include a dramatic flower motif called Buttercup.

Vintage Mikasa Potters Art Ben Seibel

Mikasa is a style leader for many years. Its Potter’s Art line of stoneware has a dedicated following. This is another product line that I have in my own collection.

Another group of special wares are sweet and charming, though not as widely known as some others:

Florenteen Fantasia vintage china

Fantasia by Florenteen. This is the kind of ware your grandmother might have collected piece by piece. Fantasia is very pretty on your table, whether in a single place setting, or a full service for 12 with all the matching serving pieces.

Florenteen Fantasia Laura Ashley

Petite Fleur by Laura Ashley is a flowered pattern which was made in pink and in blue. This English dinnerware is not that easy to find, but people who love it search for it on both sides of the Atlantic.

And not to be left out, there is a glassware classic with lots of memories for a lot of people:

Big Top peanut butter goblet

Big Top was sold in the peanut butter aisle, filled with this spreadable childhood favorite. Once you ate your sandwiches, you washed out the glass goblet to use for other things. Big Top glasses were made by the thousands, with just about as many stories to tell about them.

I hope this tour of vintage china and dinnerware makes for an enjoyable trip, whether you are one of my regular readers, a newcomer who loves vintage, or exploring some new territory you never knew about before. Welcome to the world of vintage dishes!

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