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Choosing Vintage Dinnerware | Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine by Franciscan

When choosing vintage dinnerware, it takes only one focal point for an idea to germinate. When I tried this using a real wedding from the Ruffled blog, it was a surprising element that provided my inspiration.

I’ve been exploring the beautiful weddings featured on Ruffled, which I started writing about yesterday, in my post about fall dinnerware colors.

Another of the real weddings particularly caught my eye, the Port Huron Handcrafted wedding.

First, it was in Michigan. Second, the story was posted last month, around the time of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, a vintage car lover’s dream.

And then, . . . → Read More: Choosing Vintage Dinnerware | Cloud Nine

Fall Dinnerware Colors | A Contemporary Spin

Franciscan dinnerware vintage patterns

How to get a fresh face for your selection of fall dinnerware colors? How to use vintage dishes, yet maintain a contemporary color palette for your table setting?

I’ll bring a couple of idea threads together here, and let them blend.

First, a friend of mine told me about a wonderful wedding blog called Ruffled. (Okay, in full disclosure, it’s a relative of hers. I’ve checked it out thoroughly and it is a gorgeous site, highly polished, with lots of juicy content.)

Ruffled states that it is a wedding blog for vintage brides. It has lots of beautiful photos . . . → Read More: Fall Dinnerware Colors | A Contemporary Spin

Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Halloween colors in dishes and glassware

When it comes to Halloween dinnerware colors, the selection is broader than you may think.

The plan usually starts with traditional orange and black, of course. Pumpkins and bats — it wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

In more recent years, purple and lime green have been added to the palette.

Fall dinnerware colors in the brown, gold, rust and cream range can be used as a neutral background, to set off a quirky and spooky Halloween table setting theme.

I’ve written about my favorite Poultrygeist Halloween mug before. I just smile every time I see the funky mystery rooster, ready . . . → Read More: Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

Fall is a great time for a Harry Potter party! This is a popular theme, with so many ways to express your creativity in dinnerware and dress. Halloween ties right in with the magical world as well.

You can dress your table with the colors of the Hogwarts school houses (one or several) as one way to create your Potter party tablescape.

Gryffindor uses scarlet and gold Ravenclaw uses blue and bronze Hufflepuff uses yellow and black Slytherin uses green and silver

Dinnerware sets, glassware and flatware pieces in these colors are widely available, and you may have some china . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

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