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Brown Vintage Glassware | Retro Style

Vintage Libbey glassware Impromptu and Accent in tawny brown

Out scouting today, I found some brown vintage glassware, the kind I especially look for. I love the sleek shapes of this glass, as do people who are looking to set a retro-style dinner table.

Brown is a great color for fall, and it trends in and out of fashion in general. Now it is on the “in” swing.

This color was also prominent in the 1970s, and the retro glassware in the photo is from that era.

A soft nut brown color, dark or light, is sometimes called “tawny.”

Note the similarity and differences in the shapes, as well . . . → Read More: Brown Vintage Glassware | Retro Style

Light Color Vintage Dinnerware for Fall Table Setting

Vintage china pale patterns

What if your fall tableware color scheme calls for light colors, instead of bold ones? Your lovely pale theme can work just as well for fall, using vintage dinnerware in light colors.

Soft and delicate dinnerware colors will keep your table setting clean and crisp. Monochromatic color schemes built around white, off-white and gray convey elegance and a graceful style.

These styles are also flexible. You can keep it light overall, or let one bright color, perhaps in a centerpiece, set off your table setting with a bit of drama.

Tips to keeping your fall table setting light

Let . . . → Read More: Light Color Vintage Dinnerware for Fall Table Setting

Vintage Glassware | Fall Colors

vintage glassware in bold colors

When I’m scouting for vintage glassware, the retro green and golden amber colors stand out strong on the shelf.

They are distinctive and bold, and work well with contemporary table settings based on an autumn color palette, as well as those built around other vivid colors.

Some of the vintage glassware patterns that were made in these colors:

Eldorado was originally made by Hazel Atlas, before and after the acquisition by Continental Can in the 1950s. The tall tumblers in the photo are in gold. Eldorado was also made in an olive green. They have raised dots on the inside. . . . → Read More: Vintage Glassware | Fall Colors

Fall Dinnerware Colors | From Piece to Palette

Egg cup Chanticleer Zrike

Choose your fall dinnerware colors from a palette of traditional favorites, and you’ll easily create a harmonious table setting

For example, just this little egg cup (Chanticleer pattern by Zrike) can provide lots of color inspiration.

Three main colors to draw from as a focal point: a rich, warm terracotta in the brown to orange range, forest green and cozy cream. Then some lovely accent colors: a soft leaf green, dusty maroon, and palest blue.

Dinnerware in earthenware or stoneware, in the same colors, can mix and match to your hearts content. A pretty set of colors with a . . . → Read More: Fall Dinnerware Colors | From Piece to Palette

Pasta Bowls Made for Casual Dinner

Large china pasta bowls are perfect to serve a big Saturday night spaghetti dinner.

If not spaghetti, then mostacholli, ravioli, even macaroni and cheese. Any pasta dish that makes a meal by itself, or perhaps served along with a salad or crusty bread.

Bowls like these were designed to hold a good-sized serving of your favorite pasta recipe, sauce and all.

Many standard dinnerware patterns of the 1980s and 1990s included a pasta bowl as one of the available piece types. These bowls are generally about 8 or 9 inches in diameter, and at least 2 1/2 inches deep.

Specialty . . . → Read More: Pasta Bowls Made for Casual Dinner

Using Vintage Dinnerware for Your Vintage Wedding

vintage china for wedding style

When you begin to consider using vintage dinnerware as part of your vintage wedding celebration, where to start?

Will it be too difficult to find enough china for all the people? Can you use it along with other dishes, or mix and match vintage china patterns, to get enough for everyone?

Will your menu present any considerations, if you’ll need special serving pieces, flatware or other elements for the table? Can you find the right colors and shapes to go with the overall design?

It is certainly possible to use vintage china for a wedding. There are lots of elements . . . → Read More: Using Vintage Dinnerware for Your Vintage Wedding

Christmas Dinnerware | 3 Top Tips

Mikasa Angelica dinnerware Christmas angels


It’s never too early to get your Christmas dinnerware ready.

Fall and winter holidays are coming fast. Have your preparations ready ahead of time, and you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the parties and celebrations.

For example, this Mikasa china dinnerware in the Angelica pattern is colorful, casual, and charming with its whimsical angels. It brings blue, yellow and gold into your Christmas color palette.

I keep a permanent shopping list, where I write down anything I need for entertaining, as well as gift ideas. This helps me remember, so I can watch for things . . . → Read More: Christmas Dinnerware | 3 Top Tips

Identifying Vintage Dinnerware Tips

Vintage Mikasa serving bowl

When you want to get more of your favorite vintage dishes, but don’t know the pattern name, what to do? Identifying vintage dinnerware is one of the challenges of using vintage dishes.

Whether you have new-to-you-dishes, or a family heirloom set, getting more of a pattern you cherish can be complicated when you don’t have a pattern name.

Recently I saw an article about a woman in Philadelphia, known for being a taste-setter in her area. The article showed that she used many modern elements in her style, with the addition of vintage dinnerware from her husband’s family.

Then . . . → Read More: Identifying Vintage Dinnerware Tips

Why Use Vintage Dinnerware

Oreo cookies served on vintage glass nappy

I’ve been looking at lots of vintage dinnerware lately, most in connection with vintage weddings. Then a new cookie came on the market, and the contrast between old and new struck me.

Why do people in modern times, this 21st century, want to use vintage dishes, glassware and other tableware? Why create a new twist, based on something old?

It seems obvious when you think about the Oreo cookie, nearly 100 years old. They create the newest riff based on a proven winner and produce the Triple Double.

Yet when it comes to dinnerware and glass, what’s up with . . . → Read More: Why Use Vintage Dinnerware

Older Noritake China | Vintage Wedding Colors

This vintage Noritake china caught my eye the first time I saw it. The dinnerware decorated with a large floral motif in beautiful autumn colors and gold handles — so dramatic.

I’m usually a fan of blue, green and silver dinnerware, but I could not leave this classy china on the shelf.

This china has so many possibilities for a color palette and theme for a fall wedding.

White flowers and background Gold edges and the outsides of the handles Rusty red in the flower buds Warm brown in the twigs Green leaves in at least three tones

The colors . . . → Read More: Older Noritake China | Vintage Wedding Colors

Charming Wedding | Vintage Noritake China

Many vintage Noritake china patterns lend themselves to a vintage wedding table setting.

It’s no surprise. The company has been making beautiful china for more than 100 years. These dishes have classic design and quality craftsmanship.

One of these Noritake patterns is Sezanne (upper right) which I included in yesterday’s post about the dishes that went to the rehearsal dinner.

This pattern features leaves in tones of gray, blue and green, along with embossed white flowers and tiny red berries. Sezanne was made from the late 1960s into the 1970s.

Once you set your theme and color palette, you can . . . → Read More: Charming Wedding | Vintage Noritake China

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