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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Simple Dessert – Apple Galette

Apple Galette on Hartstone baking stone

I made my first apple galette today. It’s like a pie without the pie dish. The pastry goes flat on a baking stone or sheet. Then you add the filling and pull up the sides.

I’ve seen a number of recipes for this kind of dessert. It seems a little easier than a pie, because of the single crust.

Jonathan or Braeburn apples are a good choice for this recipe, though any good baking apple will do. I like to use apples with a flavor balance between sweet and tart, and texture on the firm side. I taste them, too, . . . → Read More: Simple Dessert – Apple Galette

Serve Homemade Brownies on Mikasa China

I like a good brownie, like most people. I favor the fudgy and chewy end of the spectrum as compared to the cake-like brownies. Just personal preference.

I also like dark chocolate, and when Hershey’s Special Dark came out with cocoa in the baking section, I grabbed it.

Now I’m planning for holiday baking and gifts later in the year, and testing some recipes. A good brownie recipe meets dark cocoa: someone had to taste test this!

As for serving a brownie, especially with a side of ice cream, plates for salad or dessert work well. I chose a vintage . . . → Read More: Serve Homemade Brownies on Mikasa China

Use Luscious China for Apple Crisp

Luscious bowl Savoir Vivre china

Luscious is the name of this china pattern by Savoir Vivre, made in Japan.

Here the soup bowl includes a serving of warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream.

The fresh apples came straight from a local produce market. I used Paula Red, an early variety.

The Luscious pattern includes apples in the motif, as well as grapes and strawberries.

If you are doing an apple or fruit-theme kitchen or table setting, this is one dinnerware pattern that can add charm to your environment.

Rimmed soup bowls like this are generally used for soup, but no reason not to get . . . → Read More: Use Luscious China for Apple Crisp

Dishes for Your Map-Inspired Dining Room

Beautiful old maps – reproduced for home decorating on wallpaper, fabrics and other accessories – can bring richness to your dining room as well.

What dinnerware can you select to create your table setting in a dining room based on an antique maps theme, without overpowering the look?

We have several avenues to suggest:

Use white china with a shape and style that evokes the Old World look. Terms like antique and baroque are inspired by styles that reach back to the 1600s and 1700s, when many of the source maps were originally produced. Antique White by Mikasa and Baroque . . . → Read More: Dishes for Your Map-Inspired Dining Room

Serve Your Holiday Foods in Style

As we head quickly into fall, I’m planning for the holiday recipes I will be making for guests and gifts. One more list to make and check twice. And I’m looking for new foods to try as well.

I found a recipe for cooking thick pork chops on the Cook’s Country television show.

As soon as I saw the demo, I knew I wanted to know how to make this recipe.

The chops are salted, then roasted at low temperature, and finished in a skillet. One round of practice, and more to come. (Someone has to taste test this new . . . → Read More: Serve Your Holiday Foods in Style

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