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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Florenteen Fantasia – One Sweet China Pattern

One of the sweetest vintage china patterns we find in our travels is Fantasia by Florenteen.

This dinnerware was made in Japan and is typical of 1960s patterns and products. Especially look at the swoop shapes of pieces such as the creamer, sugar bowl and gravy boat.

This china features dainty sprays of flowers in soft rose pink and blue, on a white background, and platinum rims.

Use this vintage dinnerware in your contemporary table setting when you want to have a charming, cottage table setting. Or for a special tea party with a group of intimate friends.

Fantasia will . . . → Read More: Florenteen Fantasia – One Sweet China Pattern

Ice Cream Sodas and Floats – Go Vintage

Hot summer weather seems made for ice cream sodas and root beer floats.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream, some good root beer (favorites are Stewart’s and IBC at this house) and you are in business. Just be sure to make them right before you’re going to enjoy them.

In Michigan we also have a Boston cooler, which is similar, but uses Vernor’s ginger ale instead of root beer.

The floats are easier to make at home, because you don’t need the soda water.

Of course, if you really must have a soda, there are ways to have the fizzy . . . → Read More: Ice Cream Sodas and Floats – Go Vintage

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