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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Happy Birthday, Diary of a Dishie

Diary of a Dishie just turned 2. It’s not every blog gets to be 2 years old, and have a party to celebrate using beautiful dishes.

This blog is for everyone who loves vintage dinnerware and china, glassware and related items. It is about the dishes, the thrill of the hunt, and how to use and enjoy your finds.

Just in the last day, I got to speak with a customer who will be the lucky recipient of some beautiful, vintage aqua glassware. We talked about the colors of this pattern, Soreno by Anchor Hocking, made around 1970. It’s . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday, Diary of a Dishie

Use Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware for Traditional Table Setting Ideas

Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose canister

Think of New England, Early American or traditional design, and your mind can easily conjure an image of a comfortable home with rooms filled with folk art and rustic antiques from more than 200 years ago.

This look is not for everyone, but for those who own homes that fit this style, setting a traditional table with the right china and stoneware can add a special touch to your family get-togethers and events.

Pfaltzgraff has been called “America’s potter” because the company has a long history. Five generations of family ownership over more than 150 years saw the company . . . → Read More: Use Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware for Traditional Table Setting Ideas

Vintage Corelle and Corning Ware – What to look for

We enjoy using vintage Corelle dinnerware, as well as Corning Ware bowls and casseroles. Lots of these are available in the marketplace. What should you look for when search for these dishes to add to your collection?

Modern Corelle and Corning pieces are more resistant to washing in the dishwasher, but the vintage pieces that are 30, 40 or even 50 years old (for Corning), should be hand washed to preserve their beauty.

Vintage Corelle and Corning Ware


Enjoy Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Serve in Style

Maple syrup is so good on pancakes, French toast and waffles. Once you’ve had real maple syrup, it’s hard to go back to ordinary syrup.

Glass or plastic dispensers make it easy to serve your syrup at the dining table. You can also heat a glass container in a bowl of hot water if you like your maple syrup warm. Many of the plastic models are microwaveable.

When the meal is over (because pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner) just put the server away in the refrigerator for the next time.

Glass servers are available in many . . . → Read More: Enjoy Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Serve in Style

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