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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Eating homemade pie – use vintage china plates

Syracuse china Lancaster strawberry pie

Pie, the most comforting of the comfort foods that we remember from childhood. At our house, cherry and pumpkin were often on the menu for family gatherings. My mother made her crust with lard, and it was very tender.

There’s a cute song about pie in the movie Michael. Part of it goes like this, “Apple, pumpkin, mince and black bottom. I’ll come to your place every day if you’ve got ‘em.” Pie means that all’s right with the world. I’d have to agree.

When it comes to eating pie, it’s simple after you get that pesky first piece . . . → Read More: Eating homemade pie – use vintage china plates

Wedding table settings – vintage china makes memories

Wedding dinnerware

Weddings – in June or any other time – celebrate traditions important to family and friends.

Vintage china, carefully selected to complement a wedding theme, can add meaning and beauty to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or a wedding banquet. If the wedding will feature a big dinner, consider using vintage dinnerware on the head table where closest family and friends will sit.

Today’s wedding themes almost endless. Here are a few major categories:

* A cultural theme, such as Irish, Polish, English, African or Jewish * A location theme, like the beach or seashore, forest, garden . . . → Read More: Wedding table settings – vintage china makes memories

Blue and white china – set a summer table light

Blue and white china patterns

Blue and white china. Crisp and clean, great for summer table settings.

Around our house, you can have any color, especially blue. It’s easy to mix and match with other blue and white wares, especially those with simple bands of color.

Blue and white reminds me of the salty sea shore or a breezy summer sky. Some of our favorite patterns:

Maitre d’ by Oneida Catalina by Crate & Barrel Brasserie Blue by Williams Sonoma Allegro by Dansk Fjord by Noritake Café Blue in Corelle by Corning Americana by Nikko Indigo Moon by Japan . . . → Read More: Blue and white china – set a summer table light

Father’s Day table setting – use vintage china

Fishing lures on china

Can you really use your vintage china — or find vintage china — for a special Father’s Day dinner? Oh yes, you can! There’s still time to tweak your table setting for Father’s Day, coming the third Sunday in June. Fathers don’t usually have the same interest in dishes that mothers do. Even so, adding some vintage charm to your table setting can make your dad’s special day even more special, impress your family and friends with a table setting that is creative and show off carefully-chosen china to delightful effect.

Feature Dad’s favorite past . . . → Read More: Father’s Day table setting – use vintage china

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