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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Pfaltzgraff Love: Tips to Complete Your Dinnerware Collection

Detail Valley View Pfaltzgraff dinnerware

Pfaltzgraff china fans are passionate. They love their dinnerware patterns. Dish lovers of all kinds understand when Pfaltzgraff owners change out their kitchen cabinets, bringing in their spring, summer, fall or winter china patterns when the season change, like the rest of us ordinary folks change our clothes closets.

Dishies understand, too, about owning several sets of china.

Some Pfaltzgraff lovers have decorated their kitchens with their special patterns, right down to the rugs, the breadbox and the light switch plates.

People who enjoy Pfaltzgraff appreciate the classic patterns and sturdy manufacture of the stoneware. This china was American made . . . → Read More: Pfaltzgraff Love: Tips to Complete Your Dinnerware Collection

Earth Day Table Setting: Choose Dinnerware to Honor Nature

glassware leaf motif

Traditional holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter have built in table setting ideas. Turkeys and bunnies, snowmen and colored eggs can suggest themes and color palettes for dinnerware very easily.

Earth Day isn’t in the same category. It began around 1970, so maybe grandma has some vintage china to contribute to a table setting, but it’s up to more recent generations to establish tabletop ideas to celebrate this new date.

April 22 can be special day to remind us to care for Mother Earth, as Green becomes a major theme in our lives, and Earth and Green can be . . . → Read More: Earth Day Table Setting: Choose Dinnerware to Honor Nature

Vintage Refrigerator Dish: Repurpose Me

old fashioned refrigerator glass insert

Orphan glassware that attracts my attention isn’t limited to drinking glasses. This vintage refrigerator drip catching dish just called out, “Repurpose me!” I used to have an old refrigerator, one with no shelving on the inside of the door. The kind you have to defrost by hand (portable hair dryers help). And I remember the one my grandmother had. It was gas-powered. It was still working when they cleaned her house out in 1995. A dish like this would have been in the bottom of a refrigerator of this vintage, to catch the condensation and make it easier to . . . → Read More: Vintage Refrigerator Dish: Repurpose Me

Egg plates for Easter

Beautiful plates to display and serve your deviled eggs, or colored, hard-boiled Easter eggs, have been available for many years. They’re popular in the spring and summer for holiday gatherings and outdoor parties, or any time of year.

Egg plates come in glass, plastic or ceramic versions. The best ones for you are those suited to the type of egg, and the venue. A fancy one can be used on a festive Christmas table. The plastic ones are for picnics and other outdoor events.

Which ever you use, your family and guests will enjoy the view, and the eating!

Our . . . → Read More: Egg plates for Easter

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