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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Swoon over Indigo Moon

Indigo Moon has been on our radar screen ever since the first time we saw it. One, because it’s blue. Two, because it’s so cool.

It’s an occupational hazard of life on the dish trail: Sometimes you want to keep your finds.

As soon as I see blue, the cart turns in that direction. If I put on a bumper sticker for thrift store shopping, it would read “Caution: I Brake for Blue.”

This plate is also an example of something that came from an unexpected place, like the Ben Seibel china designed for Iroquois that we . . . → Read More: Swoon over Indigo Moon

Paczki for Mardi Gras

Paczki (poonch-key) are a filled doughnut that’s very rich with butter and eggs. They’re traditional in the Polish community at Mardi Gras. Once Lent arrives, they go into yummy memory until next year.

Prune is a traditional filling, but we can also get them with apple, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, cream cheese and my favorite, Bavarian creme.

The estimated calorie count is around 400 — give or take — but at Mardi Gras, who’s counting? Tomorrow…

Paczki won’t last long on any plate. Here we show a cream filled one on a favorite vintage plate, Marion pattern by Mayer. This sturdy . . . → Read More: Paczki for Mardi Gras

Yellow Means Spring

Vaseline glass honey jar

On a gray Michigan day, it’s easy to wish for spring. Even when it’s cold, the sun makes it feel warmer…

That was the inspiration to play with the handpicked lists on Bonanzle. It’s a fun tool to pull together 20 items that harmonize around a theme…

Chickens, rabbits and daffodil motifs help, too. It’s usually nice by the time the flowers come up and Easter rolls around.

Mainly, though, it’s that sunny color that keeps us going through the last hangdog days of winter.

Glass sherbet

by . . . → Read More: Yellow Means Spring

Collecting a Valentine

If I was going to collect mugs, these charming glass coffee mugs could easily be it.

Glasbake mug 1979

These examples were made by Glasbake, a trade name of McKee/Jeanette glass company made in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The Evening Prayer is pretty, and so retro…

The Language of Flowers would be a fun series. We’ve heard of geraniums, roses, buttercups and zinnias. Seems likely there are others.

You can have your hearts and flowers, and your coffee, too!

Language of Flowers

by . . . → Read More: Collecting a Valentine

Lemon Jell-O and a Sidekick

Easter is coming. The holidays at our house have gotten simpler over the years, but some old favorites still appear. Others may go, but there’s one dish we always ask for at special times. We call it Lemon Jell-O.

This is Jell-O gone fancy. It has bananas, marshmallows and pineapple in it, and a creamy frosting made from real whipped cream (not Cool Whip) and sprinkled with a Parmesan twist.

Exactly when my mother first made Frosted Lemon Salad (the recipe’s given name), and it entered the family lore, is unclear. But its role since then is secure. Lemon Jell-O . . . → Read More: Lemon Jell-O and a Sidekick

Snazzy glass: Milano flat tumbler

Another one of those orphan glasses… This time, it’s an 8 oz flat tumber by Anchor Hocking, aqua blue, in the Milano pattern. By flat, they mean that there’s no foot or stem on the glass.

Milano in aqua

Milano has a bark-like texture on the outside. The color really drew us in on this one.

Now that I know the pattern, I’ll have an eye peeled for more of this. The pattern was made in aqua, green and honey gold, and perhaps clear. More search and research to come, because we really like this vintage 1970s class, and . . . → Read More: Snazzy glass: Milano flat tumbler

Saucy saucemaker by Corning Ware

Quite likely, everyone I know grew up with Corning Ware cookware and bakeware in the Cornflower Blue pattern.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue is so associated with the company that as soon as you see it, you think “Corning Ware.”

The sauce maker, though, is less common. These were sold in the 1960s and 1970s, with and without glass covers.

I’d use this for warming spaghetti sauce, or making Welsh Rarebit, which starts with a basic white sauce, then gets milk, cheese and tomato juice. The spouts on this pot would make it easy to pour the contents over . . . → Read More: Saucy saucemaker by Corning Ware

Orphan glassware – French wine tumblers

French tumblers Arcoroc green

When I was a kid, it was the stuffed animals. Now it’s the dishes, and orphan glassware is always a temptation. They look so lonely…

When I’m out and about, I’m attracted to the onesies and twosies in among the glassware.

We found these wonderful green glass tumblers, made in France. They have great grape vines embossed on the outside, and are generous size. Just what you’d expect to have on your table when wine is part of every meal.

These would be great for your dinner for two, or your special snack tray. The work to mix and . . . → Read More: Orphan glassware – French wine tumblers

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